The Ultimate Guide to Smorgasburg 2019

New Yorkers know that they’ve got a smorgasbord of culinary treats at their disposal every day throughout the five boroughs of the city. However, trekking to all of these places to find the newest trends, cuisines, and flavors can be a challenge. It’s hard to cover just a small section of one neighborhood in the undulating streets of the Big Apple. What’s a food lover to do?
Hit up Smorgasburg, a conglomeration of food stands from all over NYC, now in its ninth year of operation. Beginning April 6, 2019, the popular conglomeration of pop-up food concessions will now offer three summer locations and days for guests to gobble up some of the wildest foods and trendiest trends that the city has to offer — all in one walkable space. Fall 2018’s addition of a winter market now makes Smorgasburg a year-round destination for food lovers.

Summer Locations

New to Smorgasburg’s lineup this year is the Friday addition of a Westfield World Trade Center location at Oculus Plaza. Hours are from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm. The first Friday of operation is April 12th. Plug in the street address of 185 Greenwich Street to find the Financial District’s foodie epicenter, which stretches between Greenwich and Church Streets.
Saturdays are where the O.G. Smorgasburg began in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Overlooking the East River and Williamsburg waterfront, over 100 food vendors operate every Saturday through October, rain or shine. Use the address 90 Kent Avenue in Brooklyn to orient you to the market’s location, which is open from 11 am to 6 pm.
Make lazy Sundays a little less slothful when you venture out to Smorgasburg Sundays in Prospect Park. It’s located near the Prospect Park Concert Grove Pavilion and Concert Grove. From 11 am to 6 pm you’ll have a chance to enjoy a leisurely stroll on Breeze Hill while also surveying the over 100 vendors available to choose from.
Smorgasburg Brooklyn

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Winter Location

Even through cold NYC winters, Smorgasburg added a new offering for the 2018–19 season with its winter market at the Atlantic Center Mall, across from the Barclays Center. Every Saturday and Sunday from November through March, around 25 food vendors served up treats that kept the food fun moving forward even as flakes were flying.

What’s New in 2019

One of the best parts about Smorgasburg is trying some of the funkiest foods in the country. Vendors pride themselves on creating confections that are Instagram-worthy, and make them a must-see destination for guests at Smorgasburg. This year, some of the newest food creations include:
Vietnamese Flan Coffee Jelly Treats at Kochin: Kochin is famous for its Southeast Asian frozen treats. A new addition to its lineup this year mixes Spanish-style flan with sweet Vietnamese coffee-flavored ice cream, caramelized bananas, and sesame cookies for a giant sweet sensation that will easily feed two hungry mouths.
Veggie Korma at Nansense: Nansense is coming off a blockbuster 2018 season, winning “Rookie of the Year” at the 2018 Vendys, an award ceremony for food trucks. Afghan comfort food is the focus of Mo Rahmati’s cuisine, inspired by his family’s recipes from their native Afghanistan. Here, the traditional beef korma takes a veggie spin for a new addition to the 2019 Nansense menu.
Kombucha Pop at The Better Pop: Kombucha has already solidified itself as the hipster beverage go-to, and now The Better Pop has chilled out with a frozen version of this fermented, fizzy drink. Utilizing a unique grid design, the pop is designed for splitting and sharing with friends.
Pizza Cupcake at The Pizza Cupcake: Definitely not a sweet treat, this bite-size ‘za will blow up the internet with its cute name and even cuter presentation. Pillowy dough baked in a cupcake-sized tin, loaded with tomato sauce, mozz, and various toppings, provides a handheld bite of pizza heaven.
German Dumpling Sandwiches at Muzzles: If you’re ready to take a glorious nap on a Saturday afternoon, begin first with the German dumpling sandwich at Muzzles. Take meat-stuffed dumplings, cover in caramelized onions, top with a pretzel bun, and then head home for a carb-fueled snooze.
Jing Fong: They’ve been around for 40 years as a classic dim sum spot in Chinatown, and now you’ll find them debuting at Smorgasburg. Look for Peking duck, steamed pork buns, and lobster sticky rice from an NYC classic.
Vendors at Smorgasburg

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Returning Favorites

Amazeballs: After a brief 2017 run, Amazeballs — operated by former NFL player Derrell Smith — is back for the 2019 season. These meatballs covered in special sauces inspired by his grandmother are a welcome return to Smorgasburg.
Fluffy’s NYC: Their souffle pancakes are soft, pillowy dreams that had guests lining up to sample their ethereal texture. They’re back again in 2019. Get there early before they run out of their signature item.
No matter which market or day you choose, pick comfortable shoes, pack a blanket, and make sure you have some cash on hand, as not all vendors will accept cards. Perhaps the most important tip to prepare yourself for Smorgasburg: arrive hungry!

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