The 7 Best Instagram Spots in NYC

We all know that the most important part of a vacation is engaging in new experiences, but we also want some great photo ops to memorialize our adventures. Fortunately, NYC is chock-full of incredible places to take snapshots that are sure to wow all of your online followers. Here is our list of the seven most Instagrammable hot spots in NYC.

The Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim is full of incredible art — and constantly changing, interesting exhibitions, yes — but it is also an architectural marvel. The famous white spiral exterior, which is even more spectacular from inside, is an Instagrammer’s dream. But we highly recommend hitting this place up regardless of your intentions; it’s a great way to spend an afternoon in NYC.

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Brooklyn Bridge/DUMBO

The Brooklyn Bridge is probably already high on your list of “must-see” attractions in NYC. It’s absolutely worth the trip — especially on a nice spring day. You can snap some great pics while walking across the bridge. Once you get to the Brooklyn side, you’ll find yourself in DUMBO, a quaint cobblestoned neighborhood that offers great views of NYC and the bridge itself.
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The Oculus

The Oculus in the Westfield World Trade Center Mall replaced the PATH station that was destroyed during 9/11 in the Financial District. While it’s essentially a thruway connecting nearly 11 train lines together and providing an underground walkway and entrance to the mall, it is so much more than your average train station. Designed by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, it lives up to its hype.
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Pietro Nolita

This cute little restaurant is so instagrammable, it’s like they made it that way on purpose. Get ready to be immersed in pink while you chow down on delicious Italian cuisine. The entire place, inside and out, is a pink, Instagram dream. It lies right in heart of Nolita, where it’s not a bad area to snap a few other pics as well.

Cherry Lane, Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is pretty picturesque and home to New York’s most iconic brownstones. And if there’s one street that seems like it’s right out of a movie, Cherry Lane is it. This small little nook is tucked away off 7th avenue and offers the perfect opportunity to get a brownstone stoop pic. It’s also home to the Cherry Lane Theatre.

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Coney Island

For a slightly different vibe, trek on out to Coney Island, home to New York’s original amusement park. While the rides are all still operational, the place gives off a nostalgic vibe and is the perfect backdrop for killer pics. While it’s a busy, hopping place in the summer — when New Yorkers head there to pretend that beach living is part of NYC — you can go any time of the year and get some really spooky pictures of the abandoned rides.

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The Color Factory

The Color Factory is an interactive exhibit designed to help people explore the power of color. This collaborative project features pieces by many different artists and is a fun, new type of museum experience. It includes colorful works of art, ball pits, a disco dance floor and other immersive works of art. And the name certainly doesn’t disappoint. Each installation boasts a unique color palette that will be sure to dazzle your Instagram followers.

While we’ve only scratched the surface of the hot Instagram spots in NYC, we hope that these top seven picks will brighten up your feed.

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