What to Know About Hello, Dolly!

Broadway is known for its Tony-award winning stage hits and this summer won’t disappoint with the musical revival of “Hello, Dolly!” This must-see Broadway hit has much to offer, from grand openings to great musical numbers. Discover what all the rave is about and what to expect from “Hello, Dolly!”:

“Hello, Dolly!” History

From its original Broadway run to its current day Broadway revival, “Hello, Dolly!” has a history that transcends time. It first began its journey in 1964 debuting in New York’s St. James Theatre, starring Carol Channing and running a total of 2,844 shows, which resulted in it winning 10 Tony awards. But the history of “Hello, Dolly!” goes beyond its Broadway success. Inspiration for the musical goes as far back as the mid-1800’s from the London debut of the stage play “A Day Well Spent”, which was later adapted by playwright Thornton Wilder. But much of the original musical’s inspiration can be drawn from Wilder’s 1938 musical “The Merchant of Yonkers” and writer Michael Stewart’s book. Following its Broadway success, this Tony-award musical was transformed into a movie in 1969 and was later nominated for seven Academy Awards and taking home three, making it one of the best play-to-film adaptations. Since then, the show has seen several hit musical revivals and continue to rack up more awards.

Come for the Cast

“Hello, Dolly!” offers a star-studded cast with years of experience on the stage. Bernadette Peters plays Dolly Levi but Bette Midler reprises the role for the summer starting July 17th. Peters took over after Midler left back in January. With Bette Midler reprising her role, you can only expect the tickets to continue flying off the shelves. Midler commands an audience and brings along a presence that’s hard to ignore. The last time she played the role, the musical won four Tony awards and grossed $2 million per week. Her original co-stars and Tony-award winning greats Gavin Creel and David Hyde will be joining her on her return this summer.

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What It’s All About

Set in the late 1800’s in and around New York City and Yonkers, “Hello, Dolly!” takes you on a journey of matchmaker Dolly Levi’s own love journey. While Dolly helps rich men find compatible partners to fall in love with, Dolly ends up finding her own love interests along the way. Dolly shares hardship and the anxiety that comes along with working as a lonely widow. Yet laughter becomes the anecdote along with love.

Who Should Watch “Hello, Dolly!”

If you enjoy musical, laughs and a little romance, then “Hello, Dolly!” may just be the stage play for you. The play has a star-studded cast with a history of some of the most sought-after awards and sold out tickets to prove it. It’s also a great play to experience, whether you’re going solo, out with friends, and tagging along the whole family. But this stage musical is right for anyone who enjoys romance-comedies, great laughs and a good time.

Final Thoughts

The next time you’re in New York City, come for the cast and dine while view a long-running Broadway stage best when you watch “Hello, Dolly!”. Catch it near Times Square, just off of Broadway and West 44th Street at the iconic Shubert Theatre through August 25th.

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