The Best Sporting Goods Stores in NYC

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1 Nike |648 5th Ave

Nike’s new Manhattan flagship store prepares to dazzle shoppers.

Nike’s New York City flagship store, with more than 69,000 square feet of retail space, opened in November 2018. Located at West 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue, the store features four floors and a basement filled with merchandise and what Nike calls a “multi-sport assortment of product innovation and services.”

The fifth floor is reserved for the Nike experience — special events for NikePlus members that showcase Nike products and services. Dubbed the “House of Innovation,” it’s a little early to see if this sportswear emporium will live up to the name. However, Nike is on the cutting-edge of retailing with its members-only app that allows customers to check in-store inventory in real time, have merchandise delivered to their dressing room, and check out digitally. The glass-fronted building also boasts a multi-story digital billboard that flashes Time Square style ads that “celebrate Nike and New York City’s sports innovation.”


  • The store has a membership option that includes access to an interactive shopping app.
  • Worth a visit to see the building and the innovative displays.
  • Nike offers a special customizable blank sneaker package at this location only.
  • A state-of-the-art inventory system at the store is designed to get products to shoppers quickly.
  • The Arena, located on the ground floor, allows customers to customize things like laces, decals, fabrics, and more.
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