5 NYC Shopping Destinations to See and Be Seen

Shopping at certain locations in NYC gives you the opportunity to not only find amazing pieces for your closet, but also to people watch and perhaps catch a glimpse of a celebrity! The rich and famous flock to New York because of the concentration of high fashion, bespoke designers and amazing stylists. If you want to rub shoulders with the other half, you need to check out these NYC shopping destinations!

1. Barney’s

With two NYC locations, one on Madison Avenue and one downtown, Barney’s is a well-known place for fashion. The store has come a long way since it started in 1923, when founder Barney Pressman pawned his wife’s engagement ring for $500 to open his first store. While the first few years of Barney’s were full of discount clothing, the store became famous as one of the first to use television and radio ads.

Over the years, the store developed into the high-end shopping destination it is today. Now it is known for luxurious handbags and designer men’s suits. It’s the go-to place for New Yorkers and travelers who want nothing but the best.

2. Aedes Perfumery

When you want to try a new scent in New York, you need to go where celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto choose their signature smells. Aedes Perfumery is just the place, and who knows, you might bump into one of those famous actors while you are there! The store handpicks each fragrance and even has its own in-house brand of luxurious perfumes.

3. Bergdorf Goodman

Bergdorf Goodman is another famous NYC department store where shoppers find the top designer goods. The store started around the turn of the century – the 20th century that is. At first was just a tailor shop. However, after about 15 years, Mr. Goodman, one of the owners of the store, was one of the first clothesmakers to reveal “ready-to-wear” garments to the world. That set this store up as a fashion innovator from the start.

NYC-based celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker love to shop here, and everyone enjoys seeing the store’s iconic window displays at any time of year, but especially around the winter holiday season.

4. ABC Carpet & Home

You are probably more likely to see a celebrity’s interior decorator here than an actual celebrity, but rest assured that ABC Carpet & Home is where all stylish New Yorker furnishes their apartments. Just walking around the store is a treat. Not only does it have amazing carpets, but also contains antique pieces, amazing furniture, bathroom fixtures and more. Browsing here always inspires creative home decor ideas!

5. Madison Avenue Shopping District

All along Madison Avenue, from 57th to around 86th Street, are stores for many designers, including but not limited to Hermes, Tom Ford, Chanel and Oscar de la Renta.

Wandering up and down these blocks is likely to result in new additions to your wardrobe and possible celebrity sightings as they seek to add to their couture collections. The area is just gorgeous, with interesting architecture and lovely plant fixtures that add a bit of greenery and shade in the spring and summer months.

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