The 5 Best Beer Gardens in NYC

New York City has a vibrant nightlife scene and plenty of incredible beer gardens. They range from traditional German beer halls to more chic Brooklyn vibes and are scattered throughout the city. If you want to sip a stein and watch some soccer or just relax with friends on a warm summer evening, New York has a spot for you. Here are five of the best beer gardens in New York City.

1. Standard Biergarten – 848 Washington Street, Manhattan

The Standard Biergarten, nestled under the High Line in the hip meatpacking district, is a lively and reasonably priced beer hall. The indoor area is reminiscent of a traditional German beer hall with long benches and traditional large pretzels. While the indoor space can get crowded during the winter, the outdoor seating area under the High Line is a great place to hang out during the summer. If you’re looking for a more active social event, the Standard Biergarten offers shuffleboard and other games. The recently added Game Room also offers foosball and “giant” Connect 4. Make sure you get there early because the beer hall gets crowded during the height of the summer, especially if there’s a championship game.

2. Clinton Hall – 90 Washington Street, Manhattan

While less convenient than the new location in Midtown East, the Clinton Hall in Battery Park is a great casual beer hall with a boisterous outdoor courtyard. The courtyard is especially lively when Clinton Hall broadcasts games on its large network of high-definition flat screens. The courtyard’s traditional beer hall benches and mini golf greens also force you to meet other bar goers, which is half the fun. The indoor area is a bit more cramped, but sitting indoors often means getting your drinks faster. Clinton Hall keeps at least 20 beers on rotation, from staple beers to seasonal favorites. While Clinton Hall is great, the neighborhood shuts down pretty early. If you can’t get into Clinton Hall, there aren’t many nearby alternatives outside of Stone Street.

3. Circa Brewing Co. – 141 Lawrence Street, Brooklyn

You’d won’t find all of New York City’s best beer halls in Manhattan. Take a quick subway ride to Brooklyn and you’ll find Circa Brewing Co., a hip reinvention of the traditional beer hall. The large fermentation tanks at the entrance create a more industrial feel to this neighborhood beer garden. While the beer selection could be larger, unique beers like the Peach Wheat are great on a hot summer day and Circa’s Saisons do Germany proud. What sets Circa apart is its food. A fully integrated gourmet pizzeria and a menu that’s far better than the traditional pub fare make Circa a well-rounded addition to this list.

4. Zum Schneider – 107 Avenue C, Manhattan

The East Village has some of the best bars and nightlife in the city, so it’s no surprise that it has a great beer hall. Zum Schneider is located right in the heart of Alphabet City. Zum Schneider definitely caters to a younger and more rowdy crowd, so if you’re looking for a quiet place to sip a beer, keep looking. The sidewalk tables are great for people-watching, especially in the summer, while the indoor area feels more like a traditional neighborhood bar. Zum Schneider has a great collection of German beers, though if you want something lighter there are also plenty of options. The bar is a hit with German expats who like to watch soccer. It’s a great place to watch a match but make sure you get there early on game day.

5. Mission Dolores – 249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn

Our last beer hall takes us back to Brooklyn. Like Circa, Mission Dolores’ indoor area has an industrial feel, but is still cozy and inviting. Mission Dolores serves an impressive array of around 20 beers from across the country. This beer hall particularly caters to Brooklyn beer aficionados with brewer “meet and greet” nights and tastings. Where Mission Dolores really shines is the outdoor area. The beer hall’s courtyard is full of tables and benches under a string of lights and ivy-covered walls. While it might be noisy, the outdoor area is a great choice for a date night. One drawback is that Mission Dolores does not have a kitchen. While the bar offers light snacks, this isn’t a place to eat a real meal. Mission Dolores does allow patrons to get food delivered during the evening. When you take that into account, the menu is incredibly diverse.

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This list is by no means exhaustive and there are plenty of great spots to get a beer in NYC. Once you’ve had a few pints at these bars make sure you check out the Flatiron, West Village, and Williamsburg neighborhoods. There are also great options in Chelsea and Soho. If you’re a beer connoisseur, New York has plenty of beer halls to keep you busy.

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