A New Way to See the City: Helicopter Tour NYC

One of the most exciting ways to see New York City and its famous landmarks is with a helicopter tour. Think about it. It is captivating to see some of the most recognizable sights up close and personal. It’s a remarkable sight. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that will put a whole new “spin” on the tourist trek.

Generally, helicopter tours in NYC last around 15 to 20 minutes. Although, the exact length of time varies by company. These tours give you an aerial view of famous landmarks. They also provide informative commentary on all. Wondering what the best things to do in New York next month? Need ideas? Here are some of the top five helicopter tours.

Helicopter NYC helicopter tours

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Big Apple Helicopter Tour of New York

This tour starts near Battery Park at the downtown location of the heliport. This tour is a 15-minute trip with a commentary featuring the most iconic locations. The Big Apple Helicopter Tour of New York is excellent and comprehensive. You will see Central Park and the Statue of Liberty. Other stops include Ellis Island, the George Washington Bridge and more. The tour costs start at $224. There is a $40 heliport surcharge separate of your ticket price.

New York Helicopter Tour

The New York Helicopter Tour showcases the best of New York’s skyline and attractions. This is one of the most famous helicopter tours in New York City. It usually takes off from the famed Downtown Manhattan Heliport. Other flights may leave from the Linden Municipal Airport in nearby New Jersey. It offers several different departure times throughout the day. You’ll also be able to buy souvenir photos and arrange for a hotel pickup and drop-off.

The New York Helicopter Tour offers five different routes through New York City. “Manhattan Highlights” is the most basic (and the cheapest). It includes One World Trade Center and Ellis Island. Manhattan Highlights also includes the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. You’ll also see the Statue of Liberty. Manhattan Highlights passengers will see the Brooklyn Bridge and the George Washington Bridge. Other sights include the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Central Park. The “Ultimate Manhattan” experience is longer. This lets you see other attractions farther north in the City. Those attractions include Yankee Stadium and others.

• Nighttime Tour

If you’re looking for a cool perspective on the city, why not try flying it at night? A nighttime tour of New York shows you all the wonders of Manhattan lit up in all their splendor. The “City Lights” Skyline tour goes through all the city’s classic attractions. This includes the Statue of Liberty and Times Square. There’s also Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building and much more. It is a wonderful NYC helicopter tour option for any journey to NYC.

•City Skyline

There’s also the 20- to 25-minute small-group “City Skyline” trek. This ventures through the length of the Manhattan Skyline. You can get an unforgettable look at the famed buildings that make up the city. This includes the Empire State Building and Freedom Tower. You can also opt for the “Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island” tour. The tour travels through these three famed boroughs. It includes views of every one of New York City’s coolest attractions. Finally, there’s the exclusive “private” tour for up to six people. These tours run anywhere from $249 to $389 (public) or $1,464 (private).

helicopter tour nyc

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Liberty Tours

Liberty Tours is “largest and most experienced” helicopter sightseeing tour in the city. They offer a wide range of tours for the New York City visitor. These tours usually start in lower Manhattan at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport. They can also start from a spot in Kearny, New Jersey. Kearny is a short drive from NYC. Take the “City Lights” tour for a gripping look at New York at night. Hop on the “Harbor View” to get a glimpse of New York’s landmark buildings. Choose the “Big Apple” or “New York, New York” tours to see all the city’s most significant locations. These tours take 12 to 20 minutes and cost between $179 and $247. There’s also the option for a private tour at $1495.

Zip Aviation

Zip Aviation offers three different tours (in nine different languages, too). The Liberty Harbor helicopter tour features the Statue of Liberty. It also takes you past Lower Manhattan and Wall Street. Then, the tour flies by the 9/11 Memorial, One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building and Times Square. The longer Big City Helicopter Tour takes a more extensive trek throughout New York City. It goes farther north to Central ParkHarlem, Grant’s Tomb, and Yankee Stadium. You’ll also see the George Washington Bridge on this tour. The tour goes to sights outside the city, such as Hoboken and the Palisades.

Finally, there’s the ultimate tour option: the Grand Island Helicopter Tour. This flies even farther than the other two tours. This one goes all the way down to Brooklyn to show visitors the Verrazano Bridge and Coney Island. These tours cost $209 (Liberty Harbor), $289 (Big City) and $349 (Grand Island). They leave from Pier 6 in Manhattan.

New York Manhattan Scenic Tour

This tour from the New York Manhattan Scenic Tour company features an 18- to 20-minute ride. It also includes in-flight commentary. On this tour, you’ll see landmarks like Madison Square Garden and Yankee Stadium. You’ll also go past New York Harbor, the Chrysler Building and Times Square. This tour departs from Downtown Manhattan’s Heliport. Tickets start at $289 plus the $40 heliport surcharge.

New York Helicopter Tour: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island

The New York Helicopter Tour allows you to soar over the Big Apple. You can see iconic landmarks. You’ll glimpse the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building. There’s a unique look at One World Trade Center. You’ll also see Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. There is a glimpse at Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Central Park. This is an extended 30-minute tour. It departs from Downtown Manhattan Heliport and starts at $389. That price includes heliport fees.

New York City Private Helicopter Tour With Champagne Toast

Want to tour the town in ultimate luxury? The New York City Private Helicopter Tour with champagne toast is a perfect choice. On this tour, you can enjoy a crowd-free experience while seeing all the major landmarks. You get to choose from three different levels of luxury. You can also choose from three different helicopters. There’s even the option of including the ultra-luxurious dual-turbine AS355. This one departs from Midtown Heliport in Manhattan. This is much more than luxury champagne and helicopters. You can tailor your trip to your specifications and see exactly what you want to see. This luxury tour starts at $2,050 and lasts for 30 minutes.

New York on Air: A Customizable Journey

Looking for some different options for your helicopter journey throughout New York? New York on Air is a good place to start. Its “NYC Intro” package is great for first-timers. It is a 12- to 15-minute “doors on” flight that takes visitors around lower Manhattan. This shows off the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Freedom Tower and a lot more. Longing to see a specific location? Try the NYC VIP tour, which lets you work with the pilot to see exactly what you’d like to see throughout the city. You’ll choose from a long list of New York City landmarks. This list includes everything. You can see Freedom Tower and Times Square, Central Park, and Governor’s Island. One level above the VIP tour is the Grand tour. This is an even longer flight that will enable you to see about everything you need to see.

New York on Air also has “doors-off” flights for the more adventurous. You can feel the air as you’re on the flight. There are and special flight options for events including July 4th and September 11. There are also special flights on New Year’s Eve and the Thanksgiving Day parade. The New York on Air helicopter tours boast a beautiful pre-flight terminal. You’ll be able to find that at their departure point in Kearny, New Jersey. These flights also offer the option of adding GoPros or cameras to the helicopter. You’ll be able to keep photographic memories. Prices for New York on Air’s flights range anywhere from $89 to $449 (and more for the special travel dates).

Helicopter Tour NYC: A One-of-a-Kind Experience

A helicopter tour is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you a bird’s eye view of the Big Apple. It’s great for a quick jaunt above the city or the ultimate luxury ride. Imagine the photographic possibilities, not to mention the memories that will never fade. After all, there are many people who visit New York every year, and most of them only get to see the city from land. Think of all you can see from the air at one of these special helicopter tour NYC events! Bring your family or friends. Bring your camera. Enjoy the quintessential New York sightseeing experience.

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