10 of the Best Things to Do in Central Park

When visiting the Big Apple, be sure that you make the most of the best things to do in Central Park. With so much to do and see, it can be hard to narrow down the best options, though. Instead of spending most of your vacation traveling from one place to another, consider going to Central Park to enjoy numerous activities in one place. The following guide provides insight on some of the best things to do in Central Park.

1. Try to Decipher the Hieroglyphics on Cleopatra’s Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle is an Egyptian obelisk located in Central Park. There are many visible hieroglyphics that were hand-carved onto the surface of the obelisk over generations. It stands at 69 feet tall and has a full translation available. You and your family can attempt to decipher the hieroglyphics on your own and then check to see who had the closest translation.

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2. Take a Ride on One of the Oldest Carousels Still in Use

The Central Park Carousel was originally erected in 1871 and then moved and recreated in 1908. This 1908 carousel features 57 horses and two sleds that are still in use after more than a century. The carousel is still in operation after multiple restorations over the years. People take pictures on the same horses that their parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents sat on through the decades. It allows them to recreate historic family photos that they can cherish forever.

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3. Learn Hip New Skate Dance Moves

Skater’s Circle is an area in the park where skate dancers flock to show off their skating skills. There are classes available that your family can take to learn how to do some of the amazing moves that you see. You may even be able to catch a skating dance battle between the dancers if you’re lucky.
Best Things to Do in Central Park

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4. Take a Tour of Belvedere Castle

One of the best things to do in Central Park is to visit Belvedere Castle. You can see exhibit rooms that are set up in the style of castle dwellers from years ago. There is an observation deck at the top of the castle you can use to look out over the park and see things from a bird’s eye point of view. The amazing architecture of the castle serves as a great backdrop for beautiful pictures, as well.
Central Park Belvedere Castle

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5. Stand Under the Huddlestone Arch

Created in 1866, the Huddlestone Arch serves as one of the amazing wonders of New York. Large boulders that are uncut and rough create the arch. Mortar doesn’t hold the boulders in place. The contractors used science to figure out how gravity would keep the boulders in place and it has stood strong for more than a century. The arch is so strong that cars can even drive over it.
Best Things to Do in Central Park

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6. Enjoy a Day of Fishing at the Harlem Meer

The Harlem Meer is a huge body of water that spans 11 acres. There is a large variety of fish within the pond and the park welcomes you to go fishing to enjoy some peace and relaxation. You do need to provide your own fishing poles and bait though. There is a catch and release policy, so you won’t be able to keep the fish that you do catch. It’s still a great experience to share with your friends and family during a trip to NYC.
Best Things to Do in Central Park

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7. Hike the North Woods

Being able to connect with nature when you are in New York City can sometimes seem difficult to do because of the hustle and bustle of the busy city. When you want to enjoy the great outdoors, venture into the North Woods for an enjoyable 3.7-mile hike. The trail has many activities available for you to enjoy. You can see beautiful flowers, trees, and even animals in their natural habitat.

8. Rent a Boat from the Loeb Boathouse

If you want to get out on the open water, you can rent a rowboat from the Loeb Boathouse. The Loeb Boathouse provides life jackets, so you can rest assured that everyone will be safe during the trip. If you aren’t in the mood to row, you can book a gondola tour where someone will take you around the Meer. They provide you with intricate details about the Meer, the city, and the park itself.

The Loeb Boathouse restaurant

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9. Get Your Adrenaline Pumping at the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park

If you are someone who loves a carnival-style environment, be sure to visit the Victorian Gardens Amusement Park. There are numerous rides to enjoy and even carnival-style games for you to play. The park is very affordably priced and has games and rides for people of all ages to enjoy.

10. Rent a Field Day Kit from the North Meadow Recreation Center

Enjoy the park to the fullest by renting a field day kit from the North Meadow Recreation Center. The kit has everything that you need including jump ropes, Frisbees, balls, and more. All you need to rent a kit is your photo ID. If you know that you need a few kits to have fun, be sure to book the kits in advance.
Being able to enjoy the best things to do in Central Park doesn’t require you to travel for hours on end each day. Visiting Central Park provides you with a ton of fun and exciting things to do without having to travel far. Visit Gosur to find enjoyable things to do in Central Park during your next trip to NYC.

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